Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is Rapid Red by Sally Hansen.  It's an Insta-Dri nail color.  This is a true red with no sort of shimmer or sheerness to it.  Its a nice red if you just need a classic red.  Now, this wasn't my favorite because in 2 days it started to chip.  I haven't had it on for long so I would say that if you wear it for a special occasion and you need a quick dry this would be a good one.  I also liked the was a bit thick and weird at first but it was smooth going on. 
What's next?  A bright pink?  A fiesty orange?  A cool gold?  Oh man, the nail color world is endless!  I love it and I hope I can get some ideas from you all.  So give me the scoop on what is out there and your opinions.  Every idea counts!  Peace and Love.

Keepin' it red.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Fruits

So I checked out some of Essie's nail colors and look what I found!  Quite a summer treat!  Essie's Watermelon is GORGEOUS.  The color is a major pop to any gladiator, wedge or fun summer sandals!  I wore my Bernardo snake skin t-strap sandals with this color and I think I might have a hard time putting on any other color on my toes.  This one is definitely a must!  A very hot pink and you can actually get by with one coat!  2 coats makes me feel a bit secure that it won't chip but I couldn't believe how smooth it went on!  Try, try, try!  You won't regret it.  
Next up: Reds.  I need to find the best red out there.  I'm on a mission.  Who's with me?

Watermelon keeps me happy.