Monday, May 31, 2010

In a New York Minute!

Its been forver since I wrote...won't happen again.  This is N.Y.C.'s Quick Dry Nail Polish in Chelsea.  I've had this on since Wednesday and its Monday...not bad for a nail polish that was barely $2!  The color is not exactly red but a darkish red.  This is a red that ANYONE could wear.  Plus its quick drying...that is such a plus!  I normally use OPI's drip dry drops (say that 5 times!) so I don't worry about ruining my polish...this time I just worried about my top coat! 
N.Y.C.'s Chelsea

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I got caught up with the weekend by going to California and seeing Lost Live the Final Celebration that I didn't have time to blog about my new color!  Its from Sephora and its called Cover Me in Petals.  Its a fiesty orange!  Its not for the faint of heart.  Its all about showing off your hands and the color...oh the color is bright!  I have to try this on my toes cause I'm sure it'll look great with sandals this summer.  So here is a picture of the nail color-if you can see between my husband Claudio, Jorge Garcia and our friend Cameron.  This color will be remembered in part by LOST! 
Claudio, Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost), myself, and Cameron...oh and nail color is in there.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Let the Sunshine in...

I never thought I would be putting a pic up of my feet...HA!  Well, I guess if I'm talking about nail color then let it be.  I got a pedicure on Saturday so that I can show off my paws in California where its warm and I can wear sandals.  This is OPI's Socra-Tease Me.  You can't really tell in my professional picture that it has this orangish, pink iridescent mix to the main red color.  Lots of fun when you are thinking of summer that is around the color.  Its a great pick me up!  With the weather so gloomy here in Utah, I went staight to this color without looking if only the sun would consider staying...

Coming out of hibernation. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Golden Opportunity

My first project!  I've decided to try out this new shade by Chanel.  Its from the Orient Extrême Collection called Gold Lamé.  I find it to be kinda fabulous with a touch of shimmer and goes well with my 3 week old tan from Hawaii...note to self: must go back soon!  This color is great for every day wear and for someone who is looking for something different.  I will be trying on other colors but I'd like to hear thoughts or even suggestions...Love it, leave it, toss it? 

Hand model pose...not really.
Subtle yet tells a story.